Large Anchor Brake

Large Spindle Example










Capabilities Applied/Processes

CAM Programming
In-House Fixture Development
CNC Vertical Turning with live tooling
      • Contouring Milling, 45° Angle Drilling and Porting
CNC Horizontal Boring Mill
      • Milling, Boring, Flat Bottom Drilling, Tapping
CNC Gear Shaping


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

1.5 Meter Five Axis Vertical Turning with Live Tooling
130 Horizontal Boring Mill
2 Meter Gear Shaper

Overall Part Dimensions

1200mm (47 inch) Diameter
400mm (16 inch) Tall
2400 lbs. Finished Weight
700 lbs. of Material Removal

Tightest Tolerances

± 0.05mm (.002 inch) Diameter
0.08mm (.003 inch) Parallelism

Material Used

Ductile Iron

Material Finish

Surface Finish RA 40

In process testing/inspection performed

On-machine inspection with gages or Faro Arm.

CMM Inspection

Industry for Use

Large Mining Truck Industry


3 – 20 Piece Batches

Delivery/Turnaround Time

20 Day Lead Time

Standards Met

Customer Specifications
2D CAD Drawing
Customer Required Control Plan (SPC)
Geometric Dimensioning Tolerance

Project Challenges

This part has tight dimensional and surface finish requirements and also displays many of RMC's machining capabilities including deep hole drilling, tapping, porting and gear shaping.