RMC utilizes the latest technology in 3D CAD/CAM to ensure fast and accurate processing of your parts. Our engineering staff is highly trained, with over 65 years of experience in developing the best and most efficient process routing possible for your products. We can import your engineering models or drawings from virtually any CAD platform to ensure quality and speed of processing. In addition, we offer technical assistance to guarantee that your products are designed for cost-effective manufacturing. We will help generate and increase manufacturing efficiencies and improve upon cost reduction. This capability simplifies and accelerates the development process.

Capabilities Include:

• Full Manufacturing Engineering Capabilities
• Design of prototypes, jigs, custom tooling, and fixtures
• Solutions for many of the industry leaders
• Fast Turnaround
• Cost Reduction Planning

Engineering Capabilities
Materials (Metals)

• Cast Iron                                        • Ductile Iron                                  • Aluminum
• Stainless Steel                              • Steel

We work with a wide range of materials. Please inquire if yours is not listed.
Intended Applications • Large Ductile Iron                         • Large Steel                                • Large Part Machining
  Castings/Forgings                          Castings/Forgings                       and Repair
Industry Focus • Agricultural                                     • Heavy Equipment                      • Construction
• Industrial                                         • Mining                                         • Oil and Gas
• Railroad
Production Volume From prototype to production
Industry Standards • AGMA                                             • DIN                                             • NIST
File Formats • AutoCAD (DWG)                           • Inventor (IDW, IPT)                   • SurfCam
• GIF                                                   • TIFF                                           • GibbsCam
• BMP                                                • PDF                                           • JPG, JPEG
• DXF                                                • IGES, ANSI                               • STEP

CNC Control Capabilities:              CAD Design Services:              Parametric Programming:
• Parametric Programming                • AutoCAD                                     • Fanuc
• Polar Coordinate                              • Autodesk Inventor                       • Okuma
  Interpolation                                                                                                • Siemens
• Multi-Axis Milling                                CAM Programming:                  • Heidenhain
• Live Tooling Lathe                             • GibbsCAM

Efficiency • Six Sigma                                         • Lean Manufacturing                • 5S + 1
  • Black Belts                                         Practices
  • Yellow Belts