CNC Gear Cutting
Richardson Manufacturing Company is pleased to offer precision gear cutting capabilities for a variety of industries which include but are not limited to industrial equipment, mining, oil & gas, and heavy construction. These capabilities include CNC hobbing, shaping, and gashing machines that can cut spur gears with crowning or taper as well as helical gears. The hobbing machines can accommodate parts with a diameter of up to 78.7” (2000 mm) or a max axial face width of up to 46” (1168mm), with gear teeth as large as 1.6 D.P. (15.88 module).

RMC also has heavy-duty manual and CNC shapers that can accommodate parts that are up to 86” (2184mm) in diameter, 55” (1397mm) tall, and cut gear teeth as large as 1 D.P. (25.4 module) with up to 12.6” (320mm) of stroke length.

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Lastly, a recent addition of our gear cutting capacity includes a new 2400 size hobber/ gasher machine. This gives RMC the capability to perform either external hobbing or gashing (rough or finish) of spur, helical, or double helical gears up to 78.7” (2000mm) in diameter with an axial stroke length of about 69” (1760mm). In addition, this machine is also configured with an internal gashing head that can cut a part up to 94.5” (2400mm) in diameter. We can work with a wide range of materials depending on customer needs, from prototype to production. Our state-of-the-art gear inspection equipment, newly equipped with the AGMA2015 standard, or other standards as required, can perform full analytical gear inspection to verify the quality of the parts produced to ensure meeting the specifications required by the customer.









Gear Cutting Capacity
Gear cutting processes Hobbing, Shaping, Spline Milling, Gashing
Gear Types • Internal Spur Gear               • Pre-grind finishing
• External Spur Gears             (Roughing and Finishing)
• Helical gears                       • Internal Gear Gashing
• Double helical                       (Roughing and Finishing)
• Roughing
Shaping Workpiece Diameter Max
Shaping tooth size Max
1 D.P. / 25.4 Mod
Shaping Stroke Length Max
12.6” / 320 mm
Shaping Workpiece Height Max
55” / 1397 mm
Hobbing Max Workpiece Diameter Max
78.7” / 2000 mm
Hobbing Tooth Size Max
< 1 D.P. / > 25.4 Mod
Gashing Max Workpiece Diameter Max Internal
94.5” / 2400mm
Max External
78.7” /2000 mm
Gashing Max Workpiece Height Max Internal
57.7” / 1460mm
Max External
129.9” /3300 mm
Gashing Tooth Size < 1 D.P. / > 25.4 Mod
Material pre-processing All gear blanks and material can be turned/milled in-house before gear cutting.
Workholding Custom fixturing and chucks designed and built in-house as needed.
Applications       • Ring Gears                       • Wheel Hubs                       • Axels
      • Shafts                                • Spindles                             • Anchor Brakes