Inspection & Quality Services
 ISO 9001:2008

Richardson Manufacturing Company has a highly skilled team who specialize in inspection and quality services. We perform these services in an environmentally-controlled metrology lab with both DEA and Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) equipment. RMC has also invested in several portable CMM’s (Faro Arms) which allow us to perform these services directly at the machines and on the shop floor. Although these services support our current production needs, we offer inspection and data analyzing services separately to meet customers’ quality needs. Richardson Manufacturing will also sub-contract CMM Services on an as needed basis. Our newest CMM machine, a Zeiss Accura is equipped with the VAST scanning probe and Gear-pro software which allow us to perform full analytical gear inspection to the AGMA 2015 standard as well as generate gear reports as may be required by customers.
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Richardson Manufacturing Company is proud to have several Six- Sigma certified employees with black and yellow belts, as well as a full team trained in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (G D + T) to help in continually improving our quality and efficiency in all areas of the company.







Inspection & Quality Services
General Capabilities

CMM Inspection Services
• Environmentally Controlled Metrology Lab CMM inspection
• On-machine/shopfloor CMM inspection
• Multi-Point Inspection System

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
• Die Penetrant                                  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
• Surface Finish Inspection               • Hardness testing
• X-ray                                                 • Level 3 Services
• Gamma                                             • UT Thickness
• Ultrasound                                        • Certified Weld Inspection
• Infrared                                              • Video Borescope
• Eddy Current                                    

Inspection Methods/ Equipment CMM Zeiss Accura
    • 1600mmx3000mmx 1300mm
    • VAST Scanning Probe System
    • Calypso Inspection Software
    • Gear-Pro Gear Inspection        Software (AGMA 2015        inspection standard now available)
   DEA Epsilon
    • 1300mmx2500mmx1300mm
    • Camio Inspection Software



Portable Articulating Arm CMM (Faro Arm )
        • 10 Ft
        • 8 Ft
        • 4 Ft (2)
Additional Inspection Tools
• Calipers                                     • Micrometers
• Digital Height Gages               • Profilometer
• Gage Pins, Balls &Blocks       • Surface Plates
• Hardness Testers                     • Geometric Dimensioning
• Inspection Microscopes             and Tolerancing (G, D, +T)
• Bore Gages
  • API Q1 9th Edition
  • AS9100 C
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • AGMA
  • Midori Kai Supplier