Waterjet Cutting
In 2013 RMC Specialty Machining added a water jet cutting machine to our long list of capabilities. Water jet cutting is an established method of producing cost effective and precise parts from almost any type of material. Water jet cutting can machine almost any material to include aluminum, stainless steels, hardened and tool steels, plastics, laminates, rubbers, forgings, heat sensitive materials, granite, marble, tile, glass, wood, cork and many more.

We offer a large working table of 70” x 190” and can cut up to 8” thick steel. The machine is equipped with the OMAX A-Jet 5-axis water jet head for cutting intricate geometry and complex profiling. Any size project is welcome, from the one part prototype to the large production run. We are able to work from your precise CAD file to your hand drawing you bring in. Contact us today to discuss your project or for more information.

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